Loading gamecube games on wii-u without sensor bar & wii-remote

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    My wiiu is hacked with hachii
    Is it possible to boot gamecube games on the wiiu without loading up the vwii?

    someone on a forum is selling one of these. and he says
    The GCWii - Fully Loaded Gamecube
    Modded Wii systems with internal 1TB Hdd
    HDMI Board
    GC Controller
    All GC & Triforce titles installed with Box Art

    and he also replied to this question
    so it doesn't play Wii games then is this right

    It plays Wii games if you put them on the hdd.
    But it doesn't come with the bar and Wii controllers?

    when i try and load up the vwii it asks for me to pair a controller etc..

    can this be possible on the wiiu, or is there a way of doing it similar to it, i know there is nintendont.
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    @digitalforums It isn't possible for 2 reasons. A you can't use priiloader in vwii (which is what that is using anyways) and B the wii u will always ask you to use a wiimote. (You don't need a sensor bar as the gamepad can be used as one).
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    There are possibillitys in the future. WIIVCs like xenoblade chronicles x dont ask for a WII Remote the question is just skipped.

    The community is pretty deep in extracting WIIVC to a playable wii iso once they fully figured out how it goes and how the gamepad is emulated were probably able to mod a vwii ios to be able to use the vwii without a wiimote

    And for the Sensor bar even if you dont have one a replacment costs 10 euros
    a cheaper replacements (2 candles) 2 euros
    but if you run games like xenoblade chronicles the left stick is used to move the cursor in the vwii home menu ;)