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  1. Unessential

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    Aug 23, 2007
    I have a game (mario kart 8) which I have a save created with Loadiine and I want to inject back into a game with saviine so I can play online. However when I try to inject the saved games it doesn't seem to take.

    Does the "u" folder in loadiine have to be renamed to "8000000x" in every circumstance? or is that a user ID which I have to find? if it is an ID, how do i find it?

    I'm assuming the c folder needs to be renamed to "common"?

    Does the savegame from loadiine need to be changed to work with saviine? (i know loadiine takes saviine saves, but does it work the other way around without changes?)

    upon injection, I am also getting "Attempted to read past the end of the stream." Is this normal behaviour?
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  2. Cyan

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    it's easier to first play the game on your console.
    Then use Saviine to "dump" (extract to SD) the existing save from your console, and you will get the folder's name and layout.
    Rename the "u" to the same 8000xxxxx name, and the "c" to "common".
    replace the dumped folders with the one you just renamed.

    then use saviine's restore mode.

    You don't need to edit the save file, just rename the folder and it will work.
    There's a version of saviine which has been released to work with games using only the "common" folder and no user's ID at all. I think only one game requires it so far. just be sure to use latest version.

    I don't know about the error.
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  3. nWo

    nWo GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 20, 2016
    Hi, man. I wanted to ask you something about Saviine. I have Banjo Kazooie on Loadiine, but now with the injections on CFW on Wii U and all that, I have at last Banjo Kazooie on the system menu. The thing is, I intended to do the Saviine method, but couldn´t get it done. Is there a special way to trasnfer my save? Or is it impossible because it´s an injection? Thank you in advance I tried sending you a PM, but I couldn´t do it.
  4. Kafluke

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    Read what cyan said. It's easiest this way. Play the game first to create a save. Any save. Then dump that save with saviine. It will show you the correct file name in the dump. Then just replace this with the files from your Loadiine save. Then move those folders to the inject folder and inject with saviine
  5. nWo

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    Oct 20, 2016
    Yes, as a matter of fact I have already done that with all my Loadiine saves as I have been installing the games on system menu directly, and they work perfectly. The problem now, is with this game in particular, the normal way doesn´t work. Banjo Kazooie, injected game.
  6. Cyan

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    what is not working? saviine give an error, or the savegame when launching the game?

    other injected games are working fine with saviine?

    is your game working fine and saving fine when played from the console without loadiine?

    that game has always been an issue to emulate, or inject, even on other consoles.

    You can try to use FTPiiU everywhere, but you'll need a firmware patcher (mocha, that's the easiest way as you can just launch it from homebrew launcher, and select sysNAND option, not redNAND, and return to HBL)
    then from here, you can launch "ftpiiu everywhere" homebrew, and browse to your game's savegame folder. see what's there, extract existing save from NAND to SD and compare the file format with the one from loadiine (just to check all the files are identical, etc.)
    then you can copy loadiine savegame to your NAND and see if it works.
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  7. lordelan

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    Jan 4, 2015
    I'm getting really really mad right now.
    I can't for the life of me get my Loadiine save of "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" into my USB installed game.
    The save still works fine with Loadiine but I can't inject it into the installed title.
    I tried Saviine, SaveMii and ftpiiu everywhere with both, Haxchi and Mocha. I always had success with everything I did with Saviine and ftpiiu everywhere until today but injecting that specific save file always results in an error.

    With ftpiiu everywhere and WinSCP I get:
    Closing data connection, error occurred during transfer
    With SaveMii I just an error with no further info.

    With Saviine - which apart from Tekken works every damn time - I got this:

    Any ideas?
    @Maschell ? @GabyPCgeeK ?

    Edit: At least it worked to copy over the save now with Mocha and that old version of ftpiiu everywhere by Dimok himself and WinSCP.
    However if I launch the game it still says the save file is corrupted and forces me to shutdown my Wii U. :(
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