Loader wont load games - black screen (complete noob)

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    Latest Update - please help!

    Some games work, some don't! Out of the 85 games that were already on the hdd when I got the wii, most don't work. Mario Kart was one of them and does work, whereas Lego Star Wars doesn't.

    I also tried downloading other games:
    • Super Mario Galaxy - black screen
    • Super Smash Bros - works fine
    • New Super Mario Bros - black screen
    There are details about my system below. I should add that since I dont have an SD I won't be able to perform a syscheck as per this tutorial: https://gbatemp.net/threads/posting-a-system-check.300279/

    Thanks! (Also be nice, completely new to all this)


    Edit: After all that, all i had to do was change the settings back to default - i must have accidentally changed one earlier!

    Hi there,

    You have to bear with me as I'm completely new to all this - I bought my Wii of Ebay and it was already hacked so my knowledge is extremely limited.

    The Wii came with USB Loader GX v.3.0c installed. IOS222 (Rev 65535). Its connected to a USB docking station with a 500gb HDD (FAT 32) with 85 games on it. The games are wbfs. I also only have a mac so some software isnt quite accessible to me. Going through the hard drive on my macbook I can't seem to find the actual game files.

    Anyway, when I first got the wii everything was fine, I managed to play Mario Kart all good. I had some trouble getting the Wii to recognise the hard drive but after doing some research on another forum, I worked out that if I plugged in the docking station during the countdown the HDD would be found (it only works in one USB port).

    After about a day, one particular game (Lego Star Wars) wasnt loading, it just turned into a black screen so I would have to restart the Wii. I assumed it was just that game and played Mario Kart again just fine. However, later on, all the game cover images disappeared, and now no game works at all.

    Ive tried researching it but find it difficult understanding all the jargon. I tried changing the Video Mode to 'Force NTSC' on one game (as per the tutorial below) but instead of a black screen it took me back to the Wii Menu.

    Any help would be much appreciated! I'd be more than happy to provide additional information, as long as I dont have to use a windows comp.

    Some other potentially useful info:
    • When I go into Loader Settings, the Boot/Standard is set at IOS 249, and Video Mode is 'Disc Default'
    • When I go into Hard Drive Settings the Game/Install Partition setting is set at WBFS (465.27GB)
    • All the games are there and visible, they just have the No Image disk covers (banners still work). Before, all the covers were there and working


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