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    I have a 500 GB hdd that I use for my wii ISOs. Its formatted to NTSF. I want to start messing with DIOS MIOS but from what I understand it only supports FAT and FAT32. Which only supports up to X-amount of Gigs. If I were to make a second partition ,FAT32, of my NTSF drive will it work? I guess in a sense it will be like having 2 Hdds hooked up to the one USB port on the wii. One NTSF with Wii games on it and the 2nd FAT 32 with GC games.
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    You would have to make the FAT32 partition first on the drive. Make sure to use 32k clusters and set it active and primary. Even then there's no guarantee, as some drives just don't get along with DIOS MIOS.

    This means that to get FAT32 on the drive before your existing NTFS partition, you need to either wipe out the whole existing drive and repartition it, or use a non-destructive partition tool like Paragon Partition Manager to move your existing NTFS partition further back on the drive and make the new FAT32 partition. BACK UP ANYTHING YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE BEFORE DOING THIS. Even nondestructive partition software sometimes can have a a hiccup or whatever and you don't want it wiping out something you can't get back.

    FAT32 is not really limited to X-amount of gigs for the drive (so long as you're not using MS's own formatting tool), just for individual file sizes. Splitting Wii games in to 4GB chunks in Wii Game Manager would let you run everything from a single partition and you'd still have to repartition/reformat if you wanted to go that way, but that's up to you.
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    i have a 500gig usb hdd for my wii formatted to fat32 with 32kb clusters, i have my gamecube iso's in their own folder and i use wii backup manager to put the wii iso's on the hdd and everything works great no issues at all and just 1 partition