Little confusion when install CEMU

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    Oct 3, 2016
    Hello, I got CEMU from the official download link. When unzipping I noticed I only had to click the exe to run it. A Mariokart I have available to run, but when loading it, it crashes, it only shows the beginning screen. (It ran perfectly before, but reinstalled windows on the computer)

    On a other computer, I ran wii u usb helper.
    When I tried Mario Kart on there, it did some things automatic, like downloading, extracting, unpacking, fixing cemu plus downloading extra files needed to run mariokart?
    And with that it automagically runs perfectly.

    On the computer without wii u usb helper I don't want to download all those gigabytes again but just use the CEMU and use the allready downloaded mariokart from wii u usb helper.

    What do I need to download extra besides CEMU to run mariokart? What things did wii u usb helper download automatic to help it run?
    I heard things about Directplay, c++, Visual Basic files, direct X. Is that correct? And which versions do I need and are necessary (I'm on win 8.1) ?

    Sorry for the noob questions, thank you for the answers!