Lips Getting Complete Overhaul With Title Update

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    Oct 26, 2007

    "Microsoft has announced a number of changes coming to your living room Lips performance, just in case the latest batch of content wasn't enough to make you press your mouth to the game's sparkly mics. The coming title update includes several fixes and "highly-requested" features, such as leaderboards and a much-needed option for microphone calibration.

    Also on the way is a "significant change" to Lips' scoring system, promising an overhaul of how the game detects changes in pitch and vibrato. After the update, Microsoft notes that players will no longer be able to simply blow into the mic or mumble their way through tunes and still hope to reap galactic rewards. No exact release date has been announced, though we expect the change to drop on stage sooner rather than later, and have already begun massaging our vocal chords for our next off-tune performance."