Let's Players and their fan bases

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    You've heard of Let's Plays before, right? You've also surely heard of the fan bases of popular Let's Players such as PewDiePie (not Bubsy), Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. I have no problem with these Let's Players and the good side of their fan bases.

    My problem is with their crazy fan bases which unfortunately, most of my school is now a part of. They will force anyone they see into liking some Let's Player and will attack you if you say that you don't like said Let's Player. These people also consider theirselves as gamers just because they watch a popular Let's Player play a game even if they haven't played a single game throughout their entire lives.

    I want to hear your opinions now on Let's Players and their fan bases.
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    I think lets players are fine, I'll watch one every once in a while. And I just tend not to mention people/shows I watch, so I don't personally have any bad experiences with any user fan base yet.
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    You get fanboys and enthusiasts in pretty much everything, I don't think it's limited to let's plays. You don't have to have played an instrument to be an avid fan of a musician for example. I guess it's just what the kids are into these days.

    I don't personally understand the whole Let's Play culture, there are very few I would consider entertaining and YouTube seems to be saturated with them, but I suppose if you can get paid to play video games, then fair play to you if you can make it.
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    First, what shaunj66 said.

    Anyway I thought I felt old when some kid on the forums a couple of years back said "old consoles like the N64", this though... I am surprised it has not induced some cheesy film style rapid ageing in me.

    Also to repeat an old "what I think when people say let's play" that I was reminded of this morning
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    Rod & todd- Can we play now?
    Bart- you are playing, we're a team!
    *they look at each other*
    Rod & Todd- YAY!

    I sat there trying to think what let's plays add over and above longplays. I came up with nothing. I guess theoretically you could have an entertaining host but I have not seen it and given most seem allergic to scripts and editing I doubt I will see it. That said I should also say I find sports and competitions coma inducingly boring to watch, even for sports I actually enjoy doing myself.
    At the same time having not been in school for... a while I have not suffered playground nonsense. I imagine it would probably still be like the time those there were arguing about their favourite wrestler and I had not seen wrestling.
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    Sorry...no experience with fanboys here (though it would certainly be disturbing if not liking someone else playing a video game somehow makes you a target for scrutiny). And I'm not much of a fan either. I watch channels of a game that interests me.

    Strange that those hardly ever playing video games consider themselves gamers by watching others play. Not to demean anyone, but it's not like you consider yourself to be an actor when watching a movie...right? :unsure:
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    I don't really get the entire thing. why watch someone play a game when you could play said game yourself?
    I understand that some of these lets plays are funny and have their own characters, but why not watch a tv show then?