Left hinge problem and flashcart question

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    Sep 13, 2009

    Been reading the forums and seen the "wobble" problem being discussed, but this is not quite the same.

    If i grab the bottom of the 3ds with my left hand, and the top half with my right hand ( 3ds system in closed position), i can move the top quite a bit on the left side of the 3ds, while the right hinge is very firm and does not "give" in anyway. When open i can also feel the left hinge is loose, compared to the right hinge wich is very firm and does not "give" in anyway. I dont have the "wobble" problem I`ve seen others reporting though (it does have that spring effect).
    How is yours, and do you think its something to worry about ?

    About the flashcart, i know that we can`t update a flashcart wich dont have "3ds firmware" on a 3ds console.
    But later down the line when newer 3ds firmware`s arrive, can the 3ds update flashcarts then ? (if you have a working flashcart/firmware on the 3ds)

    Also, would this
    fit a 3ds ?

    Cheers [​IMG]
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    I carry my Nintendo 3DS in a DSLite case and it fits just beautifully no issues here.