Leaked Halo 5 Scene

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    Recently, a leaked cut-scene from one of the terminals that can be found in the campaign of Halo 2: Anniversary has been leaked onto the internet, thanks to a Spanish twitch streamer. Needless to say the video was pulled from most sources, but of course, you can't really kill something once it's on the internet now can you? You can find the source video here on Kotaku's article.​
    Now, as most of you know, I'm one of the biggest Halo nerds on the planet, so the information piqued my interest. After watching it I have two things on my mind.​
    First of all, why does Arbiter look like a Xenomorph Queen from 1986's Aliens? I mean​
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    The resemblance is uncanny. Why did they have to change his armor from the original design? The armor isn't supposed to look like.... whatever this is, the armor of the Arbiter is supposed to represent shame and humility, though I guess making yourself look like a Queen that can never keep her kids alive is pretty shameful.​
    And second, why in the world is Locke having a casual conversation with the Arbiter? The terminal's are said to be taking place sometime before the events of Halo 3, but if the ending of Halo 3 is anything to go buy, Humanity and The Sanghelli race are pretty much done. Wars over, go home. Any reason for a human to be contacting the covenant would pretty much be met with a "FIRE THE LAZERS" attitude. I'm still overly skeptical about what to expect with Halo 5: Guardians, as I have been since 343's take over of the series.​
    What does everyone else think about the leak?​
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    Looks like a modified version of the Sangheili Honor Guard outfit and a Prophet outfit mixed together - perhaps Arbiter now serves some higher function. Can't deny the resemblance though, but it's probably completely accidental.
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    I wonder if Microsoft is going to delete cutscenes to prevent this happening like Sakurai did with Smash.
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    I've been entirely uninterested in Halo since it was passed to 343.
    They're good at re-skinning the old games for the most part, but they're absolutely atrocious at making new ones. The MC collection as far as i'm concerned, is the last Halo game to ever be made unless for some bizarre reason, Bungie decides they want it back.
    There's really no reason to play Halo 5 when you can just play the infinitely superior first 3.
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