LCD TV going bad. Can something be done?

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    For some time now, this LCD was fading on the bottom left corner, but was really small. Just today, it blew up to this. Before, just having the LCD turned on would "reactivate that corner section, and the problem would reduce in size. After having blown up into this, the problem hasn't receded. I've counted out possible external influences because for some time now, nothing has sat near that section of the LCD, in front or behind.

    Is there anything I can do, or am I SOL?
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    There are a variety of things that it could be but if it no longer "warms up" then it might not be good news.

    Depending upon how thick it is then what happens if you put some pressure on the screen? It might just be a loose connection of sorts but with that shape I doubt it is.

    If you can't live with it like that then time to tape off the bottom of the screen and fiddle with any overscan options you might have on the devices going into it.