Launcher corruption and MD5 fail

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  1. phanteon

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    Nov 4, 2013
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    Please dont turn this into a GW/clones/malware war!!

    I have a doubt, im not an engineer.

    Some people answered me that a launcher.dat even if has very little parts corrupted, i wont work at all.
    And i've seen some others that stated that third MD5 check doesn't match the genuine launcher but even that it works.

    as far as i understand the MD5 test checks the integrity of the file as a whole, so if the MD5 fails, then the thing is incomplete and/or corrupted and shouldn't work, but it's working in some cases.
    How is that?
  2. TheCruel

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    Dec 6, 2013
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    Yes, some people are saying that the launcher will intentionally crash itself (or rather, just not load) if the checksum doesn't match, and will only brick the console if this check is circumvented. I'm not brave enough to test this myself since I don't have any hardware modification necessary to attempt to restore my console.

    If anyone is brave enough to mess with Gateway's ticking timebomb, they can pad the launcher will dummy data or something like that so see how it launches.