Laptop with internet problems

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    For about a month now my laptop internet has intermittently become increasingly flaky. When it first started happening I thought it was the router. I turned the router off and then on and it seemed to be ok again.

    Over the last month the problem has started to happen more and more frequently and firefox appeared to be pausing and glitching as well. I thought it was software, virus or spyware related and was thinking of re-installing windows, something I never do. I have even thought that it might be WIFI interferance from neighbours or other devices.

    Today it has been really bad and then stopped working altogether. It showed it was connected but no internet traffic was getting through. I reset the router several times and then noticed the underneath of my laptop was a lot hotter than usual. I removed the WIFI card and it was roasting hot. I have now replaced the WIFI with a spare and it is running sweet again.

    I had noticed over the last two weeks that the underneath of my laptop had felt hot on my leg and the fan was quite audible. It is noramly just warm underneath. I’m glad that it did completely fail as it made fault finding a lot easier.

    I thought you might find this interesting as an overheating WIFI card was not my first thought to solve a problem like this.