Language Translator Released by nintendo?? HELP!!!

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    I went to Multi Language Translator and read the description.
    "File Description
    Voulez-vous jouer avec moi?

    If you got a French (or Spanish) buddy but you just don't know how to ask him to play any game in the DS with you, it's about time you use a multi-language translator. Well yeah, Nintendo has already come up with this idea before, with its "traveler's notebook" translation software for the DS. It comes with an electronic voice that does the talking for you, so all you really need to do is tap the DS screen and let your Thai friend listen.

    Mollusk, however, came up with a 'brew that translates French to English and vice versa,French to Spanish and French to German in vice versa in three files. You can download one without the dictionary and a couple of them that come with their own. In fact, you can actually add your own dictionary if you know a database where you can get one using the PAFS. Mollusk says that to add dictionaries, download the .wb files from one of the websites (your online database). Then, add in the Files folder, run PAFS.bat, and you're set.

    The Multi-language translator is still under development, and according to Mollusk, you won't find an interface yet, and some of the French and Spanish characters still don't appear in the current font. He promises an update soon -- one that'll have a better word output and a .gif skin support."

    It says that nintendo released 'traveler's notebook'. Is it true? i googled it but i couldnt find it. Could someone please give me a link with more information? thanx!!
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