Lag fix for Joy-Cons?

Discussion in 'Android' started by Benuno, May 29, 2017.

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    I searched around for a solution to prevent the input delay from the joy-con that occurs on newer android firmwares when connecting them via bluetooth. As it seems it has sth. to do with the newer bluetooth handling of android similar to the wii remote problem. I found a french video showcasing the joy-cons working without delay on an galaxy s4, which the uploader also cant explain why it's not happening there:

    After further searching through the web I found someone on reddit who claims to got the latency away by using Bluetooth Auto Connector on his galaxy S5:

    Sadly, on my Galaxy Note 3 with a custom rom on Android 6 the app doesn't seem to connect with my controller and the post doesn't mention how to set up the configs in the app :S.

    My question: Is bluetooth auto connector able to fix the delay on my firmware and if yes what kind of configurations do I need to choose?

    Thanks for any help in advance :).
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    Joy Con seems like a perfect size to use as a mobile controller, it's a shame everyone says it lags a lot. I noticed using an Xbox One controller with my S8 over bluetooth there's a bit of input lag, not unplayable but you do notice it.
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    I get like 2 seconds myself.
  4. dpad_5678

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    Bump. Got this working at first but can't figure out how I did it. Can someone make a guide for this?
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    I think it's the newer android fimware.
    if you remember the past of WiiMote Apk, probably you will remember in some phones may have lag and some others nah, like Samsung phones <4.X.X (Not JellyBean) didn't had lag. but in newer fimwares, some phones worked, some other nah, like Sony phones. except Xperia Play.
    So, i think basically it's the phone fimware or probably using too much RAM and that may make lag?
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    Jan 3, 2017
    I myself use USB OTG to connect everything, hardly even use Bluetooth since most bt modems are shit in smartphones.
    Try with other smartphone or downgrade firmware and see if that changes anything, if it doesn't then a better phone will do.
  7. dpad_5678

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    Nov 19, 2015
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    I'd just really like to know how to get it to work using the Bluetooth Auto Connect app. I've got it working with three phones already:

    • Galaxy S8 - G950T
    • Galaxy Note 4 - N910T
    • Galaxy S5 - G900V
    So it CAN work with newer devices/devices with newer Bluetooth modems, but I can't seem to replicate how I did it.
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