kingdom heartds recoded white screened

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    okies i updated my R4 to wood 1.22, got the Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (USA) by xenophobia, and nothing just white screens on me, ghost trick works and all the other games i have on my sd work, anyone else run into this? any fix? i am missing somethin?? [​IMG]
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    Jun 4, 2010
    8 years of being a member and ONE post? ._.

    Anyway.. on topic, I'm using the EXACT same settings and the game's working perfectly for me..
    Try reformatting your MicroSD card with this. (put all the games/saves in your HDD first. so that and the saves won't be lost)

    Be aware that EVERYTHING in the card will be deleted with this, so make a back up of ONLY the games/saves.

    Then get WoodR4 1.22 in the card again, and put in the games/saves. tell me how it went. ^^
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    yeah i'm on a mac so i can't used that, thanks for the help tho, and yeah i guess i'm major lurker i never really had no problems so i never needed to ask anything i guess =__=¿
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    weird never mind after i erased everything off manual and replaced wood and stuff and just only added KH it worked, weird, oh well thanks for the advice either way n__n