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    Aug 19, 2015
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    KFC trolls PlayStation and Xbox by unveiling its own gaming console


    KFC has announced that it is launching its own gaming console, dubbed the KFConsole, which comes with a 'chicken chamber' to store your dinner.

    They're two of the most eagerly anticipated gaming consoles of the year, but it seems that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X could have a new rival to contend with.

    KFC has announced that it is launching its own gaming console, dubbed the KFConsole.

    The food chain announced the console on its new KFC Gaming Twitter account, writing: “The future of gaming is here. Introducing the KFConsole. #PowerYourHunger.”


    KFC promises that the console will do 4K at 120 FPS, but has remained tight-lipped about the other key specifications.

    However, KFC also teased that the console comes with a ‘chicken chamber’ and cross-platform compatibility.

    While this is likely a hilarious marketing stunt, many fans replied to express their delight at KFC’s apparent move into the gaming sector.

    Meanwhile, Microsoft even seems to see the funny side of the news, replying: “Can you lay it sideways?”

    KFC’s teaser video ended with the date 11.12.2020, so we’ll probably have to wait until November to find out more.

    The news comes just days after PlayStation finally unveiled its PlayStation 5 console, as well as the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.

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