just bought a new Linksys router...

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by TwinRetro, Dec 23, 2009.

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    I just purchased a LINKSYS WRT54GL from newegg. (ZOMG AWESOME PRICE)

    And I was wondering what firmware is better these days? I remember I had the "G" version a few years ago, and sold it because I decided to put the router/modem in my room and didnt need wireless anymore, and got a cheapo wired router.

    (Worst mistake evar [​IMG] )

    Now I just bought my mom a new laptop, and it has wireless, and as I said I just bought the new "GL" I'm guessing its comparable to the "G" model, and can put DD-WRT or Tomato on it.

    Now, between Tomato, and DD-WRT (not taking into consideration that DD-WRT isnt free anymore) What is the better firmware these days?
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    I would have to say Tomato. DD-WRT is far too bloated for my likings. While Tomato is more simple, has superior QoS and has a nice bandwidth monitoring feature.

    I'm running a WRT54GL with Tomato here. I used to run DD-WRT a few years back and never regretted the switch when I tried Tomato out.

    One advantage DD-WRT has over Tomato is that it works on many more routers.