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    since the release of the level editor edition i have been excited to play jnkplat all over again. this was my first adventure into platman's world since the x-mas release. jay has added a bunch of new features to the editor and removed some old ones. i was curious what the status of the game was so i have spent the past week going back and forth with him on another forum.

    so far i can confirm the following:

    -- lighting effects for dark areas (http://jnk.homedns.org/light.png), torches will burn platman! this is still in the works, right now platman actually emits light, but i am discussing ideas to have him carry a lantern instead.
    -- enemies, in the form of bats, have been added into the game engine. there is a possibility of more to come later when he can make better movement patterns.
    -- the old handle style switches will be added back in (from the x-mas release)
    -- shields, working on a way to block arrows without having to redraw all the sprites.
    -- also there is a very strong possibility of weekly updates, as long as interest remains and people keep posting and asking for new ideas to be implemented.
    -- you will soon be able to press 'up' to enter a door placed at the top of a ladder, etc.

    the follow are ideas we commented back and forth on but may or may not be added:

    -- rope swings, if he can work out a clean movement pattern
    -- dynamite, if it can be made unique to a certain set of blocks
    -- weapons, are out because of the block style arrangements of the game engine, they wouldn't look right or function correctly.
    -- 4 parts of an amulet used for a save feature, or not - depending on how he might implement it
    -- the idea of seeds and a watering can which can cause seedlings to grow to new platforms
    -- a custom character creator is out, due to the small sprit size of platman on the nds. (unused sprite ideas: http://jnk.homedns.org/abandonedgame.jpg)

    undocumented level editor controls:
    -- while play testing, holding 'R + Select' ends the level and lets you go back to editing.
    -- hold the trigger down and use the stylus to 'delete' or 'remove' blocks/items you have placed
    -- on the main screen press 'right' to select the mylevels area. you can use the stylus to pick a certain level (click the arrow) and hit 'A' to play that level. once you are in that level if you want to make changes press the 'left trigger + select' to go back into the editor. if you resave the level it will save at the end of the level pack and WILL NOT overwrite the original.
    -- to manually edit your level pack drop it into programmer's notepad as notepad and some other format stripping editors won't display the levels 1 per line.


    if you are interested in jnkplat and you want to see it updated please post back or PM me with ideas. think of anything missing, anything crazy, anything you want added. i will compile a list and get them to him, if anyone cares to post.

    -another world