Jetfighter 0.4b

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    [​IMG]Jetfighter 0.4b
    Two person jet fighting game on one DS

    Cid2Mizard has released an update to his appropriately-titled, "Jetfighter". This game involves two fighter jets being controlled by two people on a single DS. Player 1 uses the D-Pad and L button to shoot, and Player 2 uses the ABXY buttons and R-button to shoot. Changelog and download below.

    [title:Changelog] News:

    - Management of the bar life.
    - Collision and explosion.
    - Score.
    -The jets were undergoing changes just to launch a laser at the same time.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
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    looks like a fine game i hope i can try it someday with a buddy [​IMG]
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    i really like this concept since no one here even knows what DS is.
    WarioWare had this kind of games too.
    thnx Urza.
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    Seems pretty cool