Japanese game covers?

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by armbar, Oct 3, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    I just got my Wii setup with Wiiflow and I'm loving it!

    I started with my NES collection, and I noticed I have a full USA and Japanese set but the only covers I have been able to find are for the USA set (from this site, thx very much for all the hardwork alot of people must of done to get that completed!) I assume I will run into this Jap cover issue with other ROM sets as I move along with my setting up. Has anyone run into this and if so does someone have a resource for Jap covers?
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    There's actually a decent selection of Japanese NES covers available in there - mastershoes recently released an update with both Famicom and Famicom Disk System ones in (browse the folders and you'll find them), but like you said yourself they're a fair bit of work to make, and rather niche in all honesty - I'm a huge fan of the Japanese covers myself but we're in the minority. Also Japanese covers can be a bit of a pain due to the dimensions: for the most part the boxes were 'taller' (thinner?) than Western ones and don't really fit with the wiiflow box template. Plus both Famicom and particularly Super Famicom boxes were both horizontal and vertical: Squaresoft are the main culprits for horizontal SFC boxes but even Nintendo themselves did some of those....
    I 'westernised' a good selection of SFC only games so they'd fit in the same flow as the regular Super Nintendo games (and being from the US you probably won't even like the fact I went for a PAL style) so have a search in the thread for those if you like, and I'm pretty sure I did the odd Famicom too (I know Digital Devil Story games are in there - for some reason I just made them shrunken spine, which is great for wiiflow but shoes wants standard spines too, so they're loose somewhere in the thread) but yeah it's just too much work for something most tempers aren't really missing - usually sticking with the US boxes.

    I'm STILL tempted to have a right go at the Super Famicom boxes though, despite the fact they all end up looking a bit deformed when in Wiiflow (I've tested) - would put them all vertical, separate from SNES as stuff like Castlevania IV was changed a bit for the West ...Got the week off work too..... but nah, sorry *blushes* If you've got a game or two you really want a cover of though I might see what I can do...;), or better still, ask on the thread itself...
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