itouch2 doesn't work...

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    Sep 3, 2009
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    i'm one of the idiots who bought an itouch2 for my dsi. i haven't updated the firmware of the ds to 1.4; it's still 1.3. yet the card does not work.

    i've gotten the latest itouch firmware (3.3), and i've put it in the root of my microsd card. when i try to boot the itouch with the microsd card up in the ds, though, it get this error message:

    "an error has occurred. press and hold the power button to turn the system off. please see the nintendo dsi operations manual for help troubleshooting."

    does anyone know why the card isn't working and how i can get it to work? i'm probably just doing something wrong, lol. thanks in advance, any replies are much appreciated.