Issues Restoring rawnand from Hekate backup

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    I have a 15-file rawnand backup (from .00 to .14) from Hekate. I am trying to do a full NAND restore but hekate is not recognizing it. What do I do?
    - Hekate says "cannot load rawnand.bin", which doesn't exist because the rawnand is broken into 15 files.
    - I tried to join the files but that did not resolve the issue on my switch.
    - I've also been told by different people that I shouldn't join the files and leave them as they are.

    Advice on how I can get this to work would much appreciated.
  2. 8BitWonder

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    You need to join your 15 part Nand into rawNand.bin with the scripts available here. Since hekate can only restore an unsplit Nand atm.
    Once it has been combined you need to place it into your backup/<SYSID>/restore/ folder in order to restore it.
    Also you'll need to restore your boot0/1 backup if you're moving to an older/newer firmware with the Nand backup.
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    Emeraldman did you get it working?
  4. Vagos

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    Sep 28, 2019
    I have a similar question. I had a multifile nand backup which I merged to a single file which sums at 45Gb.
    My hecate restore says the sd card backup doesnt match.
    eMMC's selected part size.

    Unfortunately I dont have anymore the multiple files.
    I have boot files and biskeys
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