Hardware Issue with my 3DS's Game Cartridge Spring


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Mar 24, 2012
Before you make fun of me, I've never owned a 3DS, DS, or something of the sort. Last Nintendo handheld I had was the GBA. IIRC, you just pushed the game in and out. There was no spring involved. I should have read the instructions, yeah, I know.

Anyway, I put in a game today and I pushed it in. I guess I didn't feel the spring. When I tried to take it out I sort of pulled it out with my nail. I didn't push down and spring it out like I was supposed to. Mistake, I know. Then I was watching a video about testing a flash cart and noticed that there is a spring. All this time I've been taking it out the wrong way. My heart sank. So now I put in the game cartidge. Push down to bring the spring out and have it working normally.

I have a few issues. On it's way down the cartridge isn't perfectly smooth. It'll stop at one point before it's requires a tad more force to bring the spring down. Also, the side beside the stylus doesn't work. I have to push down from the middle, the entire cart, or only the left side for it to click. Is there only a spring on the left side. (Left side when looking at it from the back). It also makes a wierd click (one normal one and one wierd one right after) when taking it out. I don't know if this is normal because I've nothing to compare it to.

I understand that what I did is a mistake. I'd return the 3DS to Best Buy and get a new one, but I'd rather not because everything else on the system is perfect. It's still under warranty with Nintendo for 15 months and I assume they're good when it comes to stuff like that.

Do you think my spring functions properly?

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