Issue with JoySens

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    Having a little trouble with my analogue stick. I've almost got it fixed. ALMOST. Here's the issue. I have the JoySens plugin on my 4GB main card. As such it no longer drifts during gameplay at all, and on the odd occasion it does I can simply alter the sensitivity to fix it. Sounds fine, right? No. For some reason, the pointer in the web browser will only jump between various links. It won't move freely like it should.

    Now I suspect this is an issue with JoySens as the problem doesn't crop up when I'm using my 1GB card, which doesn't have JoySens or indeed any other plugins. Not at the moment anyway, might transfer them later when this is fixed. But on my 1GB card the web browser works normally, but it will obviously occasionally drift.

    When I installed JoySens, I got a message about overwriting a .txt file. I can't recall what I pressed but I believe that to be where the fault lies, perhaps some segment of code went walkabouts on my 4GB card, leaving the web browser's pointer a little confused. How can I resolve this issue so my stick works 100%?