ISO Reload blocked error loading GC WBFS even after d2x installed

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by colin3440, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. colin3440

    colin3440 Newbie

    Oct 31, 2014
    United States
    Richmond, Indiana
    I'm running the latest version of cfg USB Loader and DIOS MIOS (2.11) and have installed d2x (v3.1, in slot 248 following this guide I have 4 different game backups (Pikmin 2, Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Sunshine, and Super Super Bros. Melee) that all give me an "ISO Reload blocked" error when trying to load them through cfg loader. Any ideas? I've never had so much issue getting backed up GC games to run on a modded wii!
  2. rise_against

    rise_against Member

    Oct 23, 2014
    i had the same issue. theres an option in cfg loader (for each game that is) thats says "block IOS reload". change that setting and it should work
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