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  1. chris34720

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    Sep 22, 2013
    Hi guys

    im baffled by this ive installed the homebrew channel successfully and its asking me to install homebrew channel which went ok and something to do with hackmii having to be an iso

    My question is how do you install this modmii stuff

    all ive done up to now is install thehome brew channel
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    Modmii is installed on your computer. Run it from there, and use a SD card to put the files off your computer to the wii.
  3. chris34720

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    Sep 22, 2013
    then i plug my sd into the wii, then how do i boot up my games from an external hard drive

    i also have another issue the games i want to play are over 4.2gb the limit FAT32 will allow is there any other alternatives to put these onto something and play them on the wii
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    use a game manager to convert ISO to another format (Wii backup file system (WBFS)) and it will split the games in multiple files that USB Loaders can read without problem.
    In addition to splitting files, it can also reduce the ISO size down to the actual game size.
    If a game is only 400MB, the .wbfs file will be 400MB, instead of a full 4GB ISO.

    If you are on Windows, use Wii Backup Manager.
    If you are on Mac, use WiijManager (do not use Wii backup Fusion, it seems there's problems with split files).
    You can also use Wit (command line) which works on all systems.
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