iSmart mm GBA save issues

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    I have a fully updated iSmart mm with gba roms, on a DSi 1.4U. I'm using super mario advance 2: super mario world, and i have saved once, and it remembers that save, but when i save, and switch the rom, exit the emulator and reboot it, or reboot the DSi and run the emulator, the save is back to the first save. from what i've seen, others have had no saving issues at all with this game. What I think it is is that when i save, and there's already a file in the gamerst folder (realtime, or actual in-game save) it doesn't overwrite the file. I've read another forum topic (a whole different site), the person was having saving issues like this, but with a whole different game, and the people told him/her to put the game_configure.txt in the NDSGBA folder, and that's what i did, and i'm still having this issue. same thing with my other games; LoZ: a link to the past/four swords, Mario & Luigi: Superstar saga, and Super mario advance 3: super mario world 2: yoshi's island. has anyone had this same issue (or something like it) and fixed it? also, i was reading the game_configure.txt, and it was saying to do something, but i got confused, so if i have to do something specific with it according to what games i'm using, please tell me. thanks. ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!!! [​IMG]
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    For the iSmart MM's GBA part, I generally use the Save States. Not sure if that's really helpful, but I find them incredibly helpful. I can also look into the game_configure.txt document for you, if you want.
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    The dark chen gba emulator doesn't support save files, it only supports save states. Your going to have to adjust how you normally save to using save states.