Is yeahgeek trustworthy?

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    I am about to order a gateway3ds in order to be ready when the update is released. I see that yeah geek have a great price and I am about to order it from them but there is no paypal option.
    Should I trust them and use straigth my credit card info?
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    No flashcart sellers use PayPal; it's against PP policy, and the retailers are liable to have their accounts suspended, funds locked, etc. A handful of sites use other payment processors that are more lax on piracy rules, but I can't speak for yeahgeek.

    I don't know if there'd be a difference in shipping speed or anything to Greece, but has them for a few bucks less, and they've got a few different payment options. I can't say I've had a bad experience with them, at least not as far as flashcarts are concerned.
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    Just got my GW3DS from yeahgeek yesterday. If you're weary about using a credit card, I would look into if your CC company or bank has a VCC (Vrtual Credit Card) option. Allows you to basically generate "burner" credit card numbers with spending and age limits to use for purchases like these.

    Yeahgeek was fine with the VCC I created (set the limit to a buck or two more than the invoice price due to current conversion) and shipped the order out just fine.

    Eachmall, on the other hand, would not accept the VCC and demanded a picture of the physical credit card. Even explaining to them that there was no physical card (and including a screenshot of the Virtual Credit Card) wasn't good enough, so the order got canceled and refunded (to the virtual credit card...)

    Card is genuine, ordered on 11/22/14 (a Saturday), marked as shipped on 11/24 (Monday), arrived 12/8. So 2 weeks and change.
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    I bought mine using PayPal from one of the trusted resellers on the GW site. It cost $3 more, but I didn't have a supported CC on any of the other sites so this was the best option for me.