Is this all I need for JB?

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    The first site is a fake. Probably they're asking for surveys or some shit to extort ad money from you.

    The only legit method of downgrading to 3.55 is through a hardware flasher. Emphasis on hardware. It may also requires soldering, which is beyond most people.
    You cannot downgrade a PS3 that did not originally have 3.55 from manufacture date.

    Second site is a legitimate PS3 news site. That CFW is also legitimate but you need to be on 3.55 OFW.
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    As a rule of thumb, I always check the comment sections of sites or items that I'm purchasing from online stores. If 100% of them are positive, there's a 100% chance that it's fake.

    If your PS3 is above 3.55, you can't install CFW without using some kind of hardware-based downgrade. I assume that's why you're looking up downgrading in the first place. If so, the most convenient method of doing so is giving your PS3 to someone else and having them downgrade for you. I got mine downgraded from some dude on eBay, but you can also find some video game stores (not chains like Gamestop) that'll do it for you (I said can, not likely to). Once that's taken care of, yes, all you need is to install the latest CFW. is the official site for Rebug.