Is there a button and touchscreen test homebrew?

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by sanni, Apr 20, 2015.

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    I have the wierdest problem with my original 3DS. It seems like the power button is stuck in the pressed down state.
    Now I already checked the mechanical button itself and it was fine, I still desoldered it and swapped it with the Select button, but no change, still stuck in the pressed state.
    I also used a multimeter to check if the trace of the button might be shorted to ground even if the button is not pressed, it was not.
    Furthermore I peeled away the sticker that says START and pressed down on the button, didn't help either.
    So mechanical everything should work.

    Here are the errors I see:
    - I can't start the camera app by holding down L or R for some time because the Start button apparantly breaks the holding down of the other buttons. You can test that yourself on your 3DS by just holding Start down and then trying to launch the camera app
    - In the Gateway launcher.dat menu when you do a Nand backup it automaticly presses start.
    - In Super Monkey Ball where you have to press Start at the beginning, you can't get past that screen because it probably reacts to the change of the button from high to low and it's always pulled low on my 3DS.
    - In Ocarina of Time everytime I'm finished with speaking to someone the menu screen pops up.

    Now I would like to test my 3DS further with a 3dsx app that displays the current button states and also when the touchscreen is pressed.

    Is there anything like that available?
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