Is it possible to extract\extrapolate .cia files?

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    Nov 29, 2015
    here's what:my 3d gb card sandisk ultra is probably dying or slowly failing,as last night i decided to install a 2.0 gb .cia,and it took 6 HOURS to complete,and when it finished, fbi installer said that the sd cache or transfer were corrupt or some bs like that.

    when i put it on my pc,it said that it need to be formatted,and i couldn'teven save what was inside.thankfully in september i did a backup of said sd,all of it ,included already installed\extracted cia games,which works,i have passed everything onto said sd,but still can'tget to install anything above 1 gb.and before you ask,no i can't afford to buy a new sd because i'm totally broke i have to work with what i have till i have some money

    the question is:since as i said, i copied everything from my backup to the sd, inlcuded those previously installed cia,and the they work, couldn't i just extract this 2.0 gb cia and upload it manually like i did with the backups of said games?