is a full switch shell swap easy/worth the trouble

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  1. dude1

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    Apr 11, 2006

    I have a dead switch i picked up 2nd hand and my primary switch that the shell has cracks & scratches and the vent grills on top have all broke off.
    so ideally I want to put my good guts in the shell that doesnt look like it survived the apocalypse.

    the cracks on the back seems simple enough.
    the scratching around sides and the missing vent grills seem like they're going to be an issue.
    Trying to find teardowns online, everyone I've seen they only get the motherboard level and leave a lot of little components & the screen behind.
    I've also heard the screen is glued in.
    Is there an easier way to swap the shell?
    is it not worth trying because the screen is hard to remove?

    Any advice is appreciated Thanks :)
  2. ganons

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    Jun 12, 2005
    Have you checked our some tear down and repair videos? Start there
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    This one goes far enough to do what you want and covers the screen

    I don't know that I have seen many people do a shell swap yet, much less for cosmetic reasons.

    Depending upon how dead the new one you picked up is you might be able to do a partial swap instead.