IOS 58 issue with usbloadergx

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    I'm down at a relative's house and they have a black Wii and the last time I was down here I put USB loader GX on it and when I brought my hard drive from home that has my whole entire library on it I get an error message of something about iOS 58 is there a way I can fix this I have attached a picture of the error that I get when I start up USB loader all of my games are there they just won't launch so any help will be appreciated thank you

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    Sounds like you're missing cIOSes.
    Use ModMii to obtain them, and use Wii Mod (Lite) to install all the WADs. Let me know if it doesn't fix the issue.
    I'd post a link to the cIOSes, but I can't do that here.
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    You can't post links to IOSes here.
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