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  1. Cermage

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    Dec 2, 2007
    Thought i'd like to introduce different browsers that are avaliable to everyone but may not be well known.

    1. Lunascape
    Its the Browser I'm using now. Instead of using one engine, it has the ability to use 3. Gecko (Firefox), Webkit (Chrome, Safari) and Trident (Internet explorer). What I find neat, is being able to swap engines on the fly. It boasts great compatibility with firefox addons and IE activex controls, this is great if you visit a lot of sites that require activex (some MS sites, some MMORPG sites) and don't want to constantly go in between whatever browser you are using to Internet explorer and back again, it all can be done with a simple click. Most (all that i've tried anyway) FF addons work flawlessly, greasemonkey with a couple scripts along with adblock plus work a treat. Lunascape is hella customisable as well, you can adjust the sizes of each bar, there are quite a few skins, add/remove toolbars, change the general way of things. you can say its too customisable.

    One of the problems with it though, is it consumes a lot of memory, nearly double than firefox with a single tab open.

    Windows Only

    2. Sleipnir
    Based off IE, Sleipnir is a japanese browser which boasts extreme customization and being light on memory. Recently released in english. Its a great browser which i found far too customisable for my tastes, options upon options upon options upon more options. Uses Trident Engine, a Gecko Engine Addon has just been released. can look quite sexy. Extremely fast. I enjoyed using it, but i found Lunascape to my liking more.

    Windows Only

    3. Flock
    Now I haven't used Flock yet, but it does look quite interesting. Its heavily Social networking based, you can upload pictures and video in a click, integration with popular social networking sites (facebook, twitter, bebo, myspace e.t.c) along other community based services. Blogging is also made very easy. Uses Gecko.

    It seems to have some pretty cool features, i'd get it if i used social networking sites more. As it is i rarely use my facebook account.

    Windows, Linux and OSX friendly

    4. Wyzo
    I haven't used this either, but like flock, looks quite interesting. Its based off firefox and heavily promotes your downloading. Uses split part downloading to make sure you are getting the best of your connection. One click Bittorrent support. Pretty much a "lazy person's who likes to download" browser. it removes the need to have another torrent program as it uses firetorrent, which is another program by the same company. Boasts complete compatibility with all things firefox.

    Windows and OSX

    Just remember, these browsers are different, don't expect them to be the same as Firefox/IE/Chrome just because they're based off them.
  2. Acetic Orcein

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    Nov 23, 2008
    How dare you suggest anything other than Internet Explorer!!
    Just kidding lol.

    Interesting... I'm tempted to move away from firefox since 3.6 has been really unstable for me. Not to mention I can't get any java applets working with it.

    Perhaps I'll try one of these?
  3. prowler

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    Jul 14, 2009
    This is the most stable release I've had imo.
    Maybe Java isn't installed right?

    Sleipnir sounds good, I might have a try.
  4. Acetic Orcein

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    Nov 23, 2008

    Yes! It's really odd?
    I mean actually I had really bad issues with 3.5. I'm on windows 7 64 bit, and every few seconds
    'sorry, mozilla has crashed, would you like to submit a bug report?'

    3.6... it does happen frequently- but not as often as 3.5. I'm not sure if it's due to my current computer woes. I frequently receive blue screens lol.
    Also zone alarm mentions occasionally:

    'we have detected an instability. We will shut down and restart the browser'

    Anyway I can live with that. Java not working is a bit more irritating. I can't get it to work on IE or Chrome either... I'm very sure I've installed it correctly also...
    Anyway I'll make a seperate thread on this before I derail the topic.
  5. Rydian

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    See if it happens in safe mode.
    If not, disable all your extensions and then use the process of elimination to find the bad one.

    If it still crashed, make a new profile and see if it still happens.
    If not, migrate your bookmarks over (backup/import in "manage bookmarks") and erase the old profile.

    If it still crashes, go to your start menu, and if you're on XP, click "run", and if you're on Vista, type into the white box at the bottom. Type in % appdata % (without the spaces) and press enter. In the folder that comes up, go into the mozilla folder, and into the firefox folder.

    You'll want to back up your bookmarks, so open firefox and back up your bookmarks, put it somewhere safe like on your desktop. If you can't do that for some reason, check this guide out. It'll tell you which files are you bookmarks, copy those files out of that folder.

    Then uninstall firefox, delete the firefox folder inside the mozilla folder (inside the application data folder) then delete the firefox folder inside "program files", and then reinstall the firefox version you want. Put your bookmark files back, and firefox will hopefully be fixed.

    If not, your computer's fucked. [​IMG] Start copying down the STOP error codes (and any filename listed if there is one) each time it happens and list them to us, you could have bad ram.
  6. Acetic Orcein

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    Nov 23, 2008
    Thank you very much for that post Rhydian. I kind of regret not copying the stop error codes now lol. I was too lazy [​IMG]
    All I have are minidumps and various file names I've scribbled down. I did take the time to write down one error code! Anyway I'll probably post this into my dedicated BSOD thread lol.

    I'll also try out your firefox suggestions. I think alot of the problems spanned from the download helper addon?
    Anyway thanks again!
  7. FencingFoxFTW

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    Apr 27, 2008
    I mostly use Opera but that Lunascape looks interesting
  8. Terminator02

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    i use chrome with this for when a website doesn't work

    i've heard of Wyzo but never tried it, but i might once i get bored enough