Internal vs external for BMs

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    I assume loading would be slower on the external due to USB2, or is this not the case? Also, is there any reason why a game would work on the external but not the internal? I may finally have a reason to upgrade from 60GB [​IMG]
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    I know only 1 game which work only on external (3D Dot Game).
    Though, I didn't try it internally with the new "fake PSN package" which let you run the games without jailbreak.

    The other games works internally.
    You can check on

    I don't know about the speed issue, as I always put them internally.
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    Be aware that if using a external drive it must be formatted to the FAT32 file system, which is limited to containing files no larger than 4Gb, this is a problem if games have files that are over 4Gb in size (there are a few known games, such as MGS4.) You can solve this problem by running the game off of the internal hard drive.