Intermittently Reading HDD

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    Recently I picked up a 1tb Lacie HDD, and I cannot get this thing to work close to flawlessly. I am wondering if anyone can tell me a good way to get this to work or if this hard drive has known problems with the WII. Below is the description of my setup and setups I have attempted:

    Current Setup:

    Lacie 1TB HDD with 500gb on WII format, 500gb unformatted
    Bootmii/Hackmii installation from 4.0U OS.
    CIOS rev 13b
    Configurable USB loader , loading from channel

    Problem: The loader will load fine, then fails half or most of the time to read the HDD. When it reads the HDD I play games fine and when I choose reset or wii home from the menu, it wont load the HDD again (which I know is an issue with the rev13). But when I shut the system off after, it still wont read the drive. I then have to do kind of a sequence power cycle which also barely works. I hold the power on the WII until the red light turns on, then power off my HDD, wait a min and power everything back up just to have it work 1 out of every 10 times. I am using USB slot 0, with a wiimote charger on slot 1. Tried without the charger with same results.

    Configuration I tried:

    Hermes cIOS 222 rev 1.6: works fine but will not play half the games.
    cIOS rev 12: wont work at all
    cIOS rev 10: works fine, finds the HDD a little smoother on usb loader channel, but wont play newer games.

    I tried all of these revisions with different usb loaders and heres the outcome of that:

    USB Loader GX: loads to a blank background on all revisions, no idea why.
    Homebrew APP for usb loader 1.5 from waninoko: Never got it to work properly, installed everything the way it should be.
    Neo Gamma: Would not work either.

    So the only one that actually loads at all is the configurable loader, can anyone see anything I am doing wrong or point me in some sort of other troubleshooting steps to try?