Intermittent power issue with old model 3DS XL

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by grafate, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. grafate

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    Jan 30, 2016
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    So backstory on this was it was working well for 3 years. Then last Thanksgiving weekend it didn't turn on. So I bought a new one for my son and left this older XL in the closet till last month I found it. I was about to trash it but decided to press the power button and it turned on. However later that night it would not turn on again.

    After 5 or 6 weeks I found out by accident that when it sits and nobody touches it, it will turn back on after sitting for around 5 to 6 days. And it will continue to turn on if back to back power off then back on. but once it sits for more than say 2 to 3 hours after turning off it won't turn back on and you have ot wait 5 to 6 days again.

    What I tested so far was using a new battery so I can eliminate that. Any ideas what else it could be?
  2. Dionicio3

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    Try taking the whole 3DS apart and look at the motherboard. I'm no good with 3DS hardware, but if you show a picture I might be able to point out obvious differences.
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    Just a bit to the right, or was left...
    I would call the Mystery Machine on this one! Sounds spooky :-)
    I think you have a fuse problem, or even the battery