Hacking Installing twilight hack on 3.3 u (PAL) ?


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Jun 26, 2008
United States
Alright so i swapped the drives in my wii, was a success. But now i have another problem, i can not install the twilight hack or atleast i dont think i can.

My wii was originally USA, i converted it to PAL for some reason. So now it is a 3.3e I have the original zelda twilight princess cd for USA. But when i try to copy the usa version of 3.3 twiight hack (USA), it says that this data can not be copied. I'm guessing because my wii is PAL not USA. When i try copying the PAL version it says you must first play this game on your wii, ect. , so right now i am currently downloading the PAL version... But i also understand this won't work, since my wii was originally USA and it will just go to a black screen when clicking start? (Mod chip D2Pro9 V3) And of course auto booting wad manager, wont work because it is 3.3 = kills trucha signed discs >< I have tried just about anything, but maybe i missed something, is there any other way to install the twilight hack on my wii?

Oh yes one more thing, if anyone can copy the homebrew channel (wii to sd card) (or any other channel that will let me run code) and upload it, USA and PAL? Cause i deleted the homebrew channel on this wii, cant remember if i formated or not, if i didnt i could just copy the channel, thanks.

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