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    So when you export them they have a title such as "20150520205041"
    if you tried to rename it by whatever you may have notice that SDF didn't wanted to install it and reported an error
    So the rules are simple
    you must to keep the "20150520205041" in the folder name and add whatever you want before (not after!!!)
    It can include Shift character,little character,numbers,spaces and spécial Char
    So your file name must be : (Whatever You want to write77777@~&é 20150520205041)
    or (Whatever You want to write77777@~&é 20150520205041)
    you don't need a space in the end
    And save datafiler will ignore special char like @ so name@test will be replace by nametest
    And finally I recomand you to add the title Id on your file because if the name is too long it will go out of the screen and you will not see the title id anymore

    So it should look like
    (Whatever You want to write titleid 20150520205041)

    ps:the export.log file inside is useless
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