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    Mar 17, 2009
    Infinite Space’s Intergalactic Battles

    With only a few weeks until launch, Sega finally released footage of combat in Infinite Space. And it’s neat! Hero ships don’t float on the left while enemies wait on the right. The action takes place inside the comfy cockpit of your space cruiser.

    PlatniumGames and Nudemaker came up with a creative way to utilize the DS’ dual screens. The bottom screen shows the perspective of the commander, while the top screen acts like a battle camera. Bonus points go to the developers for showing the top screen as a virtual screen in the commanding ship. The set up makes ship combat subtly feel distant. Very cool.

    Infinite Space comes out in Japan on June 11. An international release has been announced, but Sega has not set a release date for any other region.

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    This game is so cool, been waiting for this! So only J release date announced now huh? People gave release dates like jan 9 and march.... Hope a U release date comes soon [​IMG]