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Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by LightyKD, May 24, 2013.

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    Hey everyone!

    I could use a little help. I received my EasyCap USB capture card today and I'm trying at accomplish two goals.

    1) I would like to be able to record video from my cable box to the PC.
    -so far it seems like I would have a better shot using Media Classic Player than VLC. VLC seems to not want to pickup on the audio input.

    -with that said, a program with friendlier UI and a easy way to schedule recordings would be lovely.

    2) I would like to find capture software with an Anaglyph filter. This is just for the occasional moments where I would want to play my Wii games in 3D.

    -Ive been searching for hours. Apparently VLC and Media Classic Player both have anaglyph filters somewhere online but I just cant seem to find them

    - Also the anaglyph filter/capture software can be separate from capture-to-record software

    Now for my PC specs

    - Dell e1501 laptop (with the bottom half broken off from the top. (hey it's old and I'm only using it as a - DVR for my CRT-HDTV
    - 1GB of ram
    - 35GB HDD (more than enough for the few weekly shows I want to record)
    - Intel 945gm integrated card
    - Windows 8 as the OS

    I know that by modern standards this is a shit PC but hey, it now has a new purpose if I can get things to work well.
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    On VLC, though I am not its biggest fan it should do audio fine? Does it not detect the new sound card that comes with your capture card or are you inserting RCA into line in or something?

    For a lot of capture purposes I tend to use virtualdub though it will want VFW codecs installed to work and is not exactly built for usage as you want.

    MythTV does many things for me up to and including scheduling (though how well it speaks to cable boxes I do not know) but I have not really kept up to date with the windows branches and windows 8 can be odd.

    "play my Wii games in 3D"
    First is your card capable of spitting video fast enough? Live TV does not matter if it is 30ms behind but that is a game destroying amount of lag.

    3d.... if you were running a wii emulator on your PC then sure, if you had some convoluted debugging setup between your PC and the Wii then maybe, if you were running a game that supported it (hacked or stock) then sure but real time software post conversion to 3d of a 2d live stream is not going to be that useful (either speed wise or resulting effect wise). I have some stuff I can do real time conversion of standard content in ( ) but I am having a bit of trouble chaining it together with live streams (it only needs a few frames so it might be better with some form of buffer). That said I have not had call to do this sort of thing live before so I could be missing something basic (capture and editing are two distinct fields for most things I need to do).
  3. LightyKD

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    I switched back to Windows 7. Apparently the audio issue is with Windows 7+ and not the card. I can get Media Classic Player to pickup audio and video from the card but I get this huge green line at the bottom of the video feed and recording creates a force close. To "fix" the audio issue with other programs, I'm running the L&R audio from my cable box directly into the mic-in of my laptop. As for 3D, I'm not trying to do stereoscopic but anaglyph. I'm sure this computer would be more than able to handle such a task. I just need to find a filter for VLC or MCP. I don't think there are any other programs that have a anaglyph filter for capture mode. Finally, a nice front end would be appreciated. I might take some time and look into what XBMC can do as far as media navigation and control.
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    Im not good with jargon so forgive me if my advice is too simplistic and not helpful but i found the best way to stream-record (with a simple UI) was to use Honetech HD DVR 2.5 which came with my Easycap and may or may not be on any disc that was with the device when you bought it. Iv had no audio/video problems with it and its a simple setup and records my tv (and games) just fine.
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    Apr 9, 2013
    EasyCap still exists?

  6. Kouen Hasuki

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    Terrible Capture device I tried it once so much lag on it :(