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    Yeah, I'm a M3 person, but one of my acquaintances has a AK2i that he claims is "Bricked". So I offered to try to fix it.

    According to his story he played it just fine after her first did the update to play on DSi 1.4. One day it froze so he just shut it off, he didn't play it for a few days. Then when he tried to start it up, it had the "Error" screen. So he tries various things and got a friend of his to try to update it using the update method on the DSL. His friend's AK2i updated just fine but when they switched to update his it wouldn't update. After getting a failed update no DS, be it Phat to DSi, won't even show that that cart is in the slot.

    I attempted to reflash/update it and yet again it stays at 0%.

    So my question is: Is this AK2i officially defuct, or is there a method to "bring it back to life"?