I need my tempers help here PLEASE

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    I need 2 phone numbers and accurate address for these people , my job is on the line , and statements from them will definitely help. I'm going to give you all the info I know about them , in order to help this search .
    Betty Schwane , she is atleast 60 years old by now , she was my former supervisor . I am told she lives in west chester PA ( I'm going to go to an address that might be hers tomorrow ) I would like a current phone number though if you all can find one . She retired from my job several years ago , Her last job for this search would be TSA.
    The second person on this list which is MOST IMPORTANT , Geroge Clisby , He was the one I spoke to about the thing that they are trying to Fire me now for . He was my head honcho.
    Info on him is , retired Philadelphia police commissioner , worked for the TSA , and lives some where in Philadelphia . I stopped by what I was told might be his daughters house , but I got no answer. So I left a note , and am gonna stop by there tomorrow .they haven't called me yet to even let me know if they are related.

    Third problem is I bricked my phone and I need to fix it , its an s4 that was rooted , tried updating the firmware with kies , and now its stuck with the triangle msg , gonna cal Samsung tomorrow from my wifes phone ......
    if anyone can help me with these people please PM me .
    Thank you all
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