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*Note: I do know this is not the correct forum. Posting this on the Android forum is guarantee that no one will see my post*

My papa has the Alcatel Pixi 8050G and the camera wasn't working at all.
We supposed that a factory reset would do the job, so I turned off his phone, and turned it on holding UP and POWER and it bring a menu with:

Recovery <--

I choosed Normal, and it turned on normally.
Did the same with Recovery and it brought a new menu... a Team Win Recovery Project menu.
So I wiped out the caché and other things and I "Swiped to reboot" and now the phone won't get past the Alcatel android screen.

Like... WTF?

Looking for info on Google, it seems that I completely deleted the OS. But I'm not sure which "OS" I deleted... if the Stock OS or a ROM OS... not even sure if that's correct.
Ok, so, now I'm downloading the Alcatel Pixi 8050G Rom and it weights 2GB, is that what I have to install now?

How do I proceed now on recovering the smartphone?... like leaving it as it was before.


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Jul 16, 2009
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Restore a previous backup? If you don't have a backup image try to find the stock image and refresh that. About half way down the following page is a list of prerequisites to hopefully get your stock rom back.

After doing this, you need to use TWRP to make a backup before you either root or install another custom rom. Another place to ask would probably be in the XDA forums.

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