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    Ok I have a wii that I brought in 2006 it has the wiikey installed with 6 points of welding so then there was no problems with the games but my niece formatted the console and now it has the 3.2u version I installed an upgrade from the webpage wiikey 1.9s I have my backup of WWE, PGA 10, etc. and when I try to use it, it asks me to update the console I imagine that its asking to update to 4.2u version but if patch the backup with “wii brickblocker” it does not ask to update but when I try to use it in the console when I press start the screen goes black and it does nothing else…. What must I do… Update the wii wit the game? Or updated the wii through the internet? If I update it would something happen to my console for having a chip installed in it? Or what should I install in it so that it can read my new games? Thank You
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    Formatting your console and updating your WiiKey are 2 TOTALLY different things. Formatting your console does nothing to your WiiKey chip. The WiiKey chip only takes advandage of the DVD drive in the Wii. Of course the console wants you to update. your Wii system menu is 3.2 and the game has a newer system menu embedded in it. Every time you put in a game, the Wii checks to see if there is an update on it, If there is, it checks to see if it is a newer update. If it's not, the Wii ignores the update data and proceeds to the game.

    You won't be able to play the game until you update... Unless you want to softmod. And in that case, you'll most likely end up updating anyway. Your chip will most likely continue to work. System updates have done nothing for modchips yet. Only games have come out with protections capable of detecting them. I updated through Nintendo as I have always in the past. But it's really up to you what you want to do.