I need help finding a solder point on the Pro controller

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    So I picked up a broken Pro controller on ebay for cheap, I've got everything fixed, except the left trigger. The ribbon cable for the L/R/LZ/RZ buttons is torn at the bend before the LZ button. I can't solder it back together because the plastic melts before the solder does, and no one sells replacements of this part. My only option is to find a point on the board to activate LZ.
    I followed the trace from LZ, to the connector, to a via on the board. I soldered a wire and grounded it, and that does activate LZ just fine, but it also activates X and up for some reason.
    Untitled-1. (Y is actually X, because Nintendo)
    Does anyone know why X and up are being activated? Or a better way to trigger LZ?