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    Feb 28, 2016
    Hello, I'm new to the 3ds' hacking scene. I have hacked my O3ds before but now I just can't do anything about hacking it since I can't acces Browserhax or Menuhax {I'm in 10.5}. It's pretty hard to find answers because my browser "only" search French result...

    So I plan on reselling my current O3ds to get a 2ds with a firmware between 9.0 and 10.3, but I need some help to figure some things out, and sorry if some things has been already asked and answered, I just need an answer to all of my question in the same place, sorry if it sounds bad :

    - The only 2ds that I can buy are the Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Red, the New Super Mario Bros 2 {White/Red and Black/Blue} : Which firmwares will those 2ds have, if you have an idea?

    - If it's a firmware superior to 9.2, but inferior to 10.4, what exactly do I need to downgrade {and acces to Homebrew} ? I read that it may be with OOT3D and a powersave, but I'm unsure about it.

    - If it's a 9.2 {or if I downgraded it}, if I install .cia's and I update my 2ds after getting all the games I wanted, will I be able to access eShop or Internet? Accessing eShop won't delete my .cia? I read that it deletes .cia in some cases, it deletes only the updates in some other and it deletes nothing for some peoples.

    - Before doing all of this, I don't want to connect my NNID, is that possible? I'll just connect it after update it {It may be near the end of the year so...}

    Sorry again if it sounds bad to ask it if the answers are really here but it's hard to find them, and thanks in advance to those who'll answers my questions. :)
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