I have been broken... Homepass help please.

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    Jan 1, 2015
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    I have been coming here for a few years trying to get this Homepass thing working.

    20 years ago when I was in my teen years and regularly messed up my parent's computer and I got pretty darn good with them so I could fix it before they figured out I broke it. I could never understand why my parents didn't have the patience with computers to get them to do what they needed it to.

    Now I'm 20 years older. And I've grown impatient with them.

    I blame my lack of time. I used to get home from school and have 8 hours to myself each night. Nowadays I'm lucky if I get an hour to myself.

    So a few years ago I started using Homepass with my dd-WRT router and it worked decently enough. I did not like having to get in and retype the MAC address. It seemed like a waste of time to me. I found the MAC cycling script that is said to work with the dd-WRT and gave it a try with no results.

    So I shelved the idea because our internet at the time wasn't real good anyway.

    Now here I am. My kids got two 3DS XL's for Christmas and I got to keep my daughters old 3DS. I've been carrying around my new (to me) 3DS for a week now and even went to a concert yesterday.

    Not a single legit Streetpass. Not one.

    I'm done with this. I want to get the Mac Cycling working.

    I've read the how-to's and I don't understand them. I don't have the time to understand them I guess. I've fumbled around with them a bit but I haven't been able to figure it out.

    I've got my regular N900 WiFi router that feeds my house internet. It is set up to handle the DHCP for the household.

    I have two options (that I can see) for the Homepass.

    I have a WRT54G V1.1 with dd-WRT VINT mini 18*** on it.

    I also have (as recommended by this thread) a Monoprice Ultra Mini N Adapter.

    I want a mac cycler to run on either of them. I want to sit and play all these darn Streetpass games and have either the computer or the router automatically cycle through the MAC addresses.

    Help me! Ask me a question! I'll answer it with whatever information you need to help me to figure out how I can do this!
  2. Rosebudteg

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    Jan 1, 2015
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    On the Monoprice Ultra Mini N Adapter I can't seem to get it to broadcast an open network. I can get it to broadcast a network, but it isn't open as it would need to be with these updated 3DS's. I can't figure out how to get netsh hostednetwork to broadcast an open network.

    I THINK that is what's holding me back on that one.

    The dd-WRT is all fracked up. Part of my issue is I don't want to lose the internet I have broadcasting to the rest of the house. So my goal is to have the dd-wrt router be a DHCP forwarder while still cycling through MAC addresses. If there is a better way then let me know.
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    Jan 1, 2015
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    Alright. I was a bit hot that day. Sorry about that.

    I went to two McDonald's, a Barnes and Noble and a Home Depot today with luck at only one of the McDonald's.

    I used this thread to set up my little USB Wi-Fi adapter and it worked. Kind of. I even got the MAC cycler to work.

    But the 3DS won't connect to it. It doesn't see it as a Nintendo Zone.

    So then in some thread I read that someone stated the only method that works anymore is the VMware method. So I tried that. Unfortunately I'm using a ridiculously old laptop and I couldn't install VMware 7.0 because it requires a 64 bit processor. I did install VMware 6.0.3 (the most up to date version that still runs on a 32 bit processor). But the Homepass file isn't compatible with 6.0. Only 7.0

    I tried to follow the Linux/Ubuntu method but something isn't working right. Or maybe it's working perfectly. My phone can see the attwifi hotspot, but the 3DS again is pitching a fit and not doing anything with it.
  4. Hashtastrophe

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    Jan 12, 2015
    Yes that kind of wizard.
    My 3DS doesn't see my relay as a Nintendo Zone either. It's just a DD-WRT that's hooked up through my computer. Works as a streetpass relay though.

    Basically my computer uses my regular wifi for internet. Then it has the router hooked up to it via Ethernet to it's(the router's) internet port. So there's no messing with it being a repeater or anything. You have to turn on internet connection sharing so the router can use the computer's internet. Alternatively, you may also bridge the adapters but that leads to stupid problems with the computer not connecting to the internet if the router is unplugged or whatever. That and the network icon on the taskbar is usually broken.

    And you'll want to turn on MAC filtering for the DD-WRT and whitelist your 3DS' MAC so you don't get everyone using your wifi from the streetpass relay. Unless you don't have security on the main wifi (or use WEP) because then it wouldn't matter. I've also had to remove the main wifi entry from my 3DS and manually connect to attwifi to get streetpass working. Which is fine because it still gets internet access with attwifi but it's on a different subnet so things like the 3DS Controller homebrew won't work unless you change back.

    I can give more info on my setup if you'd like. You can probably pick up another DD-WRT compatible router for next to nothing at a thrift shop to use instead of the USB thing you've got now. Might work a bit better and wouldn't require screwing with your main router.

    Edit: Just to clarify, my computer is running windows 7.
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    Nov 22, 2005
    The only way to make homepass work with me in W7 is to use some tips and the script in this method (It is on gbatemp too but not very detailled): glaciergaming.co.uk/articles/640/homepass-for-3ds-version-94-on-windows
    (With it the hotspot is named ConsoleNintendo3ds and with it no need wpa key or other and Nintendo zone work well, i streepass 3/4 people at each connection but automatic MAC changing not work)

    I have more detailled in this thread https://gbatemp.net/threads/homepass-with-usb-wireless-adapter.380068/

    Don't know if it can help