I don't see the gamecube symbol in the bottom right of wiiflow?

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    I have wiiflow installed and works perfectly ,but I don't see any way to go to gamecube games. (i cant see the covers and press them there) nindentdont works perfectly through file explorer though. When I hover over to the bottom right corner it only shows boot game in wii and go to back to system menu not the gamecube symbol?
    using WiiFlow(4.2.1 -r441)

    I feel like I'm wording this weird

    thanks in advance

    Edit: Forgot to add that when I try to install games it has recently just went 0 to 100 then said it failed
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    In your apps/wiiflow folder there is a file called wiiflow.ini open it and where it says (DML) always show button=no change the no to yes. And make sure your using an up to date version of wiiflow
    WiiFlow 4 The Masterpiece Pack by Abz
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