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    Alright, so I recently bought an acekard 2i, and it took me awhile, but I figured out how to get it going and work etc. I was playing on it fine, and I turned my DS Lite off to change ROMs, and when I got to the home screen, the icon of the cart changed to the AceKard 2i logo (I previously had a horse game logo), and the name of the cart change to www.acekard.com, and it wouldn't load, I have tried many things, such as updating, using and older firmware, using the newest firmware, getting rid of ROMs, and trying to use the card on my DSi, and then I could only get it to show the AceKard logo when I pushed the card in harder (This would only sometimes work) to no avail because it was still the AceKard logo with the whole "it needs to recognize the cart as a game" thing, and it isn't. Does anyone have a solution?
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